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lee smolin, né le , est un théoricien de la physique, écrivain et professeur américain. il est un des principaux réalisateurs de la gravitation quantique à boucles (loop quantum gravity en anglais), une des principales approches d'unification de la relativité générale et de la mécanique quantique, les deux  lee smolin is an american theoretical physicist, a faculty member at the perimeter institute for theoretical physics, an adjunct professor of physics at the university of waterloo and a member of the graduate faculty of the philosophy department at the university of toronto. smolin's book the trouble with physics 

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about lee smolin · biography · academic cv · writings · time reborn · the trouble with physics · three roads to quantum gravity · the life of the cosmos · the singular universe…. essays and popular writings · scientific papers · public appearances · videos and interviews · q & a · papers on economics · join ing  please submit all inquiries and correspondence to dr. smolin via (lsmolinperimeterinstitute.ca). born in new york city, lee was educated at hampshire college and harvard university. he was formerly a professor at yale, syracuse and penn state universities and held postdoctoral positions at the institute for 

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le physicien lee smolin parle du fonctionnement de la communauté scientifique : pour reprendre ses mots lee smolin, perimeter institute for theoretical physics june , cosmology and the future of spacetime

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rendezvous sur la page lee smolin d' et découvrez tous les livres de lee smolin. consultez des photos, la bibliographie et une biographie de lee smolin. results lee smolin earned his ph.d. in physics at harvard, then went on to teach at yale and pennsylvania state before helping to found the innovative perimeter institute. he is the author of the life of the cosmos and three roads to quantum gravity. photo by lumidek at english wikipedia (own work by the original 

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productive provocateurs from mere contrarians, bullshit artists, attentionseekers? this is the personalized equivalent of philosophy's demarcation problem, which involves telling genuine from pseudoscience. lee smolin, a yearold physicist at the perimeter institute in canada, has always struck me as  physical review d (), , . , . the trouble with physics: the rise of string theory, the fall of a science, and what comes next. j harnad. the mathematical intelligencer (), , . , . discreteness of area and volume in quantum gravity. c rovelli, l smolin. nuclear physics b (), 

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