le fond de cet article sur l'astronomie est à vérifier ( ). améliorezle ou discutez des points à vérifier. si vous venez d'apposer le bandeau, d'indiquer ici les points à vérifier. ra. description de cette image, également commentée ciaprès. vue d'artiste de l'étoile wolfrayet ra dans le grand 

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rmc a (usually abbreviated to ra) is a wolfrayet star located at the center of r, the central condensation of stars of the large ngc open cluster in the tarantula nebula. it lies at a distance of about kiloparsecs (, lightyears) in a neighbouring galaxy known as the large magellanic cloud. this is the star ra found in the constellation of dorado in the large magellanic cloud. the star has a mass

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un consensus au sein de la communauté des astrophysiciens, portant à environ fois la masse du soleil la limite pour la masse d'une étoile, vient de voler en éclats si l'on en croit des the heaviest star is thought to be ra. it's times more massive than our sun nearly twice as massive as what astronomers thought was possible. it's the most massive star known at this time. but there are more ways than one to measure stars' bigness. in terms of sheer physical size, the star uy 

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ra is , light years from earth. it is the most massive and most luminous star ever discovered. the star is in the r star cluster, which is located in the large magellanic cloud. the large magellanic cloud is a nearby dwarf galaxy which orbits the milky way. there are several other stars in the r cluster  the supermassive star ra lies outside the milky way in star cluster rmc a (now more often referred to as just r). this cluster of young, massive and hot stars is located inside the tarantula nebula ( doradus or ngc ) within the large magellanic cloud, a satellite galaxy of the milky way, some , 

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most interesting of ra star facts is that it is eventually going to end up as black hole. it emits more energy in seconds that our sun does in year. the most colossal star on record, known as ra, has been discovered in a neighbouring galaxy.

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ra is a wolfrayet star that is not located in our galaxy but is in the ngc open cluster in the tarantula nebula. the star can not be seen by the naked eye, you need a telescope to see it. ra with its catchy easy to roll off the tongue name is one of the massive stars in the universe. i say universe because it is 

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